Fourth day blogging (Living in Los Angeles)

Santa Monica Pier

Topic of the Day: Living in Los Angeles

Day four and I’ve been looking forward to blogging all day!

I moved to Los Angeles when I was 18 years old to go to college and it was a good 4 years. I would spend summers at home and the school year in Los Angeles. One summer I did do a summer school session & enjoyed the fun of the city for that period- especially going to ‘The Red Onion’ in Marina Del Rey to dance at night with my friend Lisa and my exchange student neighbor from Spain Gorka.

I have stayed in Los Angeles since first moving here less:

1. One year doing volunteer work in Buffalo, New York

2. Spending a period of time in my mid-20’s in the French part of Switzerland working as an “au pair”

3. Living one year on the East Bay of San Francisco

Living in Los Angeles in my teens, verses twenties, thirties and now forties has been overall a good experience, and for each period of my life the city has had a lot to offer.  As a parent I love to have the ocean nearby.  We go often to bike, take walks, enjoy the piers and on a good day swim.  There are many great public parks and amusement parks aren’t too far away either.  There are tons of free activities everywhere from at museums, to the university, to the mall.  The weather isn’t too bad either as we only need our coats for a short period of the year. I can do without the earthquakes, but they really don’t happen too often; I’ve been in just the Northridge earthquake of 1994 (not a bad record if I do say so myself).

I have wanted to leave Los Angeles more and more over the last few years due to the increasing population, pollution and horrible traffic.  We are actually looking to move to a less crowded part of town which is a little better for raising kids. I did dream of moving to Paris or Hawaii or even back to Indiana where I am originally from- but for now we’ll stay in Los Angeles.

Topic Tomorrow: Where do the weekends go to?


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