Second day blogging (parent teacher conference)


Day two of blogging and I’m back on. I was sleeping on the couch an hour ago, but forced myself to get up and get the kids ready for bed. The day started early, 5:00am. My daughter woke up with a bad dream and landed in our room. After trying to help her sleep for 30 minutes I gave up and we began our day; good thing I went to bed early yesterday.

Photo of the day: My youngest child and son Matteo. Today was focused around him because we had his parent teacher conference. He goes to school at the large university where I work at in Los Angeles. This was maybe our seventh conference for him since he started school at 13 months of age. Our daughter also went to daycare in the same school system and to say the least we are used to the drill. Lots of talk – strong points, weak points and fun pictures. Our little guy is growing up quickly. Finding a good daycare in Los Angeles is not easy or cheap, but we were very lucky to land a spot where he now is.

I have to admit I can’t wait until he is in kindergarten and in school with his sister once again. Driving back and forth in the morning and afternoon with the kids can be very tiring.

Topic for tomorrow: my husband


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