First Day Blogging (a little bit about me)

Malina and I

Today I came up with a new idea… one of a million… let’s start a blog. I’m really good at starting things… I’ve started a million projects, but have rarely finished them.

Two days ago I started meditating before bed. I read someone’s FB (Facebook) post a few weeks ago about doing it and they found it beneficial. Let me see if it works for me.

Here’s a little bit about me: I am a working mother, who is super busy with both my life, my husband’s life and the kids’ lives. As mentioned before I’m great starting projects but find myself challenged finishing them. It gets done, but with a big delay.

On this blog I will start writing about my daily life and all the interesting things that happen (or at least I find them interesting- you tell me). I’m challenging myself to write a little something every day for the next year.

I love to travel and my tag name “Jardin Luxembourg” is based on my favorite park in Paris, France. I have a lot to share and I hope you can learn from what I have to say and comment with ideas or suggestions …. Let’s see how it all goes! By the way the person in my photo is my daughter. I hope you enjoy going on this journey with me.


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